Four Days Until…

College!!! That’s right, I move in on Tuesday, so that means I have been busy packing lately.


I started the day off with a yummy mushroom and cheese omelette and a cup of Joe. I made the omelette with one egg and just the whites of another, fresh mushroom pieces and a slice of sharp cheddar. This was only 170 calories and it kept me full for hours of packing. I am just about ready for college!



Do you think it’s too much? Haha

I have decided to try to cut out most carbs, especially sugar, because last time I followed an Atkins Diet sort of thing, I lost 5 pounds, but then I stopped. I think the best part of it is that I am pretty addicted to sugar, so this forces me to avoid sweets. Last time I felt more energized and slept better too, and I didn’t even miss the sugar! I not going to be super restrictive this time because I am trying to make a lifestyle change, not a short-term crash diet. My slogan: everything in MODERATION.

I am now ending the day walking on the treadmill while watching Mr. Popper’s Penguins. Have you seen that movie? It’s kinda cute so far.


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