College Bucket List

Hey there!

So, I feel like these college posts are getting boring talking about cafeteria food and the gym. So to spice things up a little, I am making a college bucket list for the next four years in this post. But first, I will tell you about the awesome brunch I just had this morning: yogurt with perfectly ripe strawberries, blackberries, blueberries and granola, an orange, a boiled egg, and coffee. There were so many delicious looking options that I would like to try (just a taste of) next time, but I tried to be good this morning. Okay, now for my bucket list:

1. go to at least one event of every varsity sports team: baseball, basketball(M/W), soccer(M/W), cross-country, track, wrestling, fencing, field hockey, football, golf(M/W), lacrosse(M/W), rowing, swimming and diving, tennis(M/W), volleyball

2. visit the local farmer’s market

3. cook a meal with my friends in our dorm kitchen

4. go for a run on the hiking trails on campus

5. take an exercise class

6. visit the local shopping mall

7. go to a church service in the chapel

8. study in the gardens

9. have lunch with a professor

10. study abroad

11. harvest something from the campus farm

12. visit the art museum

13. climb the chapel

14. get something from a food truck

15. eat dinner at the Freeman Center

16. have dinner in the Tobacco District

17. go to a musical performance at DPAC

18. go to a Bulls baseball game

This is still a work-in-progress, so I may update it in the future under the page College Bucket List. So far I have already crossed a few things off the list!


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