Soup and Coffee Brunch

Finally finding time to write a post this week…

Today after two morning classes I had a late breakfast/early lunch at Au Bon Pain and it was delicious! I got a medium size Tuscan bean soup and a ciabatta roll with french vanilla coffee. It was only 360 calories total: 160 cal for the soup and 160 cal for the roll. I also got a free travel coffee mug and my coffee for free for signing up for their e-club online. From now on I get coffee for 99 cents if I use the travel mug (as opposed to the $2 per cup it usually is). I definitely prefer coffee at Au Bon Pain over the coffee in the college cafeteria where I usually get breakfast because it is included in my meal plan. That coffee is too strong or bitter for me, but most of the time it will do since I don’t always want to pay for coffee somewhere else.

Tonight I went out to dinner with some dorm-mates to celebrate one girl’s birthday. I felt guilty after eating all of my hibachi chicken and a piece of birthday cake. Fortunately, I went with a couple of friends to the gym when we got back from dinner and then we stretched/did an ab workout together back at the dorm all to work off some of those calories. Tomorrow morning I am participating in a capture the flag game with our dorm. I am not usually one to play in these sort of games and I am not competitive at all, but I think it will be fun. Here are a couple of pictures from my lunch and snack today (sorry there are bites taken in both pictures, I have trouble waiting or remembering to take a picture when there is delicious food in front of me 🙂 ).

Good Night!


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