My Day Off

Good Afternoon!

Today my only class was canceled and I am mostly caught up on work, so I have the day free! I slept in late, went to breakfast at the last-minute before the cafeteria closed, and now just got back from a crazy trip to the grocery stores (tonight I am planning on doing some cooking in the dorm kitchen, so stay tuned if all goes well). I had a paper bag full of groceries when I went to another store to pick up a few other items, and on the way out in the parking lot, the bottom of my grocery bag completely ripped and I was left struggling in the middle of the parking lot, trying to re-arrange my groceries. I must have looked miserable and helpless because a nice gentleman delivering stuff to the store stopped and asked if he could get me a new bag and the cashier in the store also brought me a couple of plastic bags. I was so embarrassed, but at least I eventually got back to the dorm with all of my items, and I now have a comical story to tell my friends. My arms are still shaking from carrying the bags back because they were fairly heavy with several cans, containers of milk/cream, and sweet potatoes. It was a good way to get an extra work out in though. I was praying the whole way that the plastic bags wouldn’t break on me half-way home because they weren’t very strong either.

After I got back, I decided to take a moment to chill and calm down from the humiliation by trying out my Keurig that I brought from home over fall break and making some iced coffee for the first time.I had bought whipped cream, cinnamon, and half and half at the store to make a gourmet coffee drink, right in my dorm room! It was delicious and didn’t last long. I am going to be very spoiled now with a coffee maker in my room.


Eating and Running

This morning for breakfast between classes I had about 1 cup of oatmeal with raisins and brown sugar and coffee. Then for lunch I had a fairly large salad with lots of veggies, beans, and a few mozzarella balls with homemade honey mustard dressing (picture below). I know the dressing is probably very fattening and caloric, but I thought it was okay as long as the rest of the salad was fresh and light.

I had a great day today, getting back midterm grades that I was pleased with and the weather was PERFECT for a run this afternoon. I tried to be artsy taking a lot of pictures with my iphone along the trail around campus, but I am no photographer. I really would like to learn photography and I am thinking of taking a class one semester or just getting one of my friends who know a little to teach me. Here are my attempts:

You have to admit though, the weather was beautiful today!