Pumpkin spice coffee, warm fires, colored leaves, hot chocolate, apple cider, pumpkin muffins, boots, jeans, fresh apples, sweaters, crisp air…. I could go on and on adding to the list of things I love about fall. My favorite season is summer, but autumn is a close second. The only things that worry me as I notice the oncoming of fall are the shorter days and colder weather. That means I am less inclined to go for a run outside and I will get tired of the stuffy gym, but otherwise, who doesn’t love fall? Speaking of fall, fall break starts tomorrow! I cannot wait to see my friends and family back home, and to be able to drive my car and go shopping!!! Time to get some warm clothes for this change in weather, along with some pumpkin spice coffee k-cups! I am ready for a nice relaxing break. Get ready for hopefully some fall-ish recipes coming this weekend since I will have a kitchen to cook in again.

As far as the weight-loss goes, I’m pretty much still stuck at 138/139 lbs this week. I was really hoping to be solidly at 135 by fall break, but I will just keep working at it and hope that I don’t give up. I was bad today and didn’t exercise at all (and I had some pumpkin pie for dessert at dinner), but I’m not going to let one bad day ruin my weekend! I now just have to get through the next 18 hours and then it’s officially fall break!

What are your favorite parts of fall? Any favorite healthy recipes with the season’s produce?


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