Thanksgiving Food Pictures

Here is what we had for Thanksgiving:

Colonial Williamsburg Peanut Soup (I made this dish!)

Sweet Potatoes


Grilled Asparagus

Baked Cinnamon Apples

The full table

I forgot to take a picture of my beautiful Pumpkin Pie for dessert. It was all delicious! Hope you enjoyed the pictures. Now back to school and back to work tomorrow. On a side note,  I had a wonderful run outside today and did 3.5 miles pretty easily in about 36 minutes. It felt great!







Happy Turkey Day

Happy Thanksgiving Y’all!

Sorry it has been so long since last post, but I have good news to report and a lot to be thankful for on this great holiday! First of all, I am officially hitting the 135 lb mark on the scale consistently, and I feel like I have hardly even been trying! Secondly, being back in my hometown for Thanksgiving break I have seen some of my high school friends and family and some have told me that they can tell I have lost weight!

In other news, this morning I ran a Turkey Trot 10k with my family. We did it for the first time last year and I walked about half of it. The course is very hilly and challenging,  especially for me, because the most I run on a typical day is only 3 miles. Last year my time was about an hour and fifteen minutes. This year I did it in an hour and 6 minutes and I averaged 10:43 per mile! I hardly run that fast doing just two or three miles on the treadmill. Unfortunately though, I think I pushed myself a little too hard this morning or I didn’t hydrate enough or refuel afterwards or something because I felt sick to my stomach the rest of the day and I couldn’t even have Thanksgiving dinner with my family. I am feeling much better now and thankfully, this was just our first (yes, first…) Thanksgiving meal. My family went to eat  at my grandfather’s retirement home dining room today, but my mom, my sister, and I are cooking a real Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow with all our traditional recipes. We have started doing this two meals thing in the last few years because my mom likes to relax on the day of Thanksgiving and be able to run the Turkey Trot, watch the parade or some football, and not have to be in the kitchen cooking all day. So, after we get back from fighting crowds doing a little shopping tomorrow morning, we will come back and get to work on the turkey!

Now, time to study Chemistry. Blah, so much work over this “break” from college.

My Turkey Trot Shirt

What about you? What are your Thanksgiving traditions? Are you going out for Black Friday deals tomorrow (or tonight)?

Hopefully some food pictures to come tomorrow!