Well, congratulations, the world didn’t end.

Now that I am done with finals and my first semester of college (I can’t believe it!) I have time to  catch up on my blog updates. Here are a few pictures of my workouts where I reached a goal or just felt like I was improving. I can definitely see improvement in my speed and sometimes endurance when I go for a run. 


Here, I ran 3.24 miles in basically 35 minutes. Not very fast, but this was from a while back and it was really good for me at the time.


This was probably my fastest run outside, averaging a ten minute mile.


and… a little longer run at a similar speed.

I was also proud of a late night run at the gym when I set my mind to running 4 miles and accomplished it!

As far as my weight, the scale is still lingering around 135. I have been upset about it the past few days because aside from what the scale says, I just feel like I can’t even tell in my clothes or body that I have lost somewhere around 10 to 12 pounds. Yet, it has been really weird because coming home for break I have had people tell me that I look skinny or that they can tell that I have lost weight. I guess I am flattered by these comments, but there is a part of me that is embarrassed that they thought I was fat before. Also, since I am still not at the size I would like to be, I sometimes think “I must have been huge before!”. Okay, enough of this deep stuff, time for a lighter topic.

Christmas!!! I feel like I love the Christmas season even more coming home from college and not having to worry about any work or studying and getting to reunite with my friends from high school. Today I am going to get in the Christmas spirit and try to make my grandmother’s fudge recipe to take as a gift to a family friend. I also have some last minute shopping to do. I guess I better actually get out of bed now and get going!