Dorm Sweet Dorm

Hello from back at college in my dorm sweet dorm! Oh how I missed the freedom and independence, and my friends! I am very glad to be back. One major reason that I am glad to be back is that I noticed whenever I am home, I get on a bad cycle of binge eating (craving a lot of sweets especially) and then not wanting to workout, which makes me feel even worse. My winter break started off really well, going for runs in the neighborhood, eating a good breakfast or lunch and light dinners, and I was weighing in around 133 lbs. But after about a week I got very bored and found myself only walking on the treadmill and watching a lot of TV.


I guess when I am at college I stay very busy so that my mind is not thinking about food and I just don’t have time to eat. I also don’t keep food in my dorm room, so there are no temptations for snacking, especially late at night. In addition to that, I use exercise as my break from homework, studying, or just an excuse to get out of my dorm room. So I probably gained around 5 pounds from being home for three weeks, but after only a week back, I think I am back down to where I was before break and I feel great!


Part of it is also that I was super busy this weekend going through rush for a sorority. It was kind of stressful and very tiring with at least 6 hours a day of talking to girls for three days straight. But I got to meet so many nice upperclassmen girls and it was really fun! I also enjoyed getting dressed up in my new clothes that I got over break, including a new pair of boots like the ones below. Luckily I didn’t have much work from our first few days of classes last week, so I could just come back and crash on my bed. It continues this coming weekend. I am very worried about not getting asked back to the ones that I liked, but hopefully everything will turn out okay.

Southern Charm

So cute right?!

I apologize for the lack of real pictures, I need to get into a habit of snapping pictures of whatever I am doing to make my posts more interesting. Every time I think about posting, I realize that I have no pictures to use. So,  I am filling this post with Pinterest pics. Anybody else obsessed with wasting time on Pinterest?

In other news, I had my first “practice” with our coed intramural basketball team today. I played horribly and I think the captain doesn’t really want me on the team, haha, but the rules are that you have to have a certain number of girls on the court at a time, so they needed more girls on the team.


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