Miscellaneous Musings

Today’s post has no topic or focus, just a bunch of pictures with mini stories to go along with them. So here we go…


This is what I “stole” from the cafeteria at breakfast this morning. Yummy fruit to snack on when I get hungry later in the day! It is kind of a thing for freshmen to take Tupperware into the cafeteria to store food for later because our meal plan makes lunches really expensive, so some people (like me) try to save food points this way. I also eat less in the middle of the day anyway, so sometimes I just need a pick-me-up snack to keep me going.


I got a package! One thing that EVERY college kid enjoys is getting a package or mail at school (remember this people, care packages never get old!) This one was actually from my self, ha ha. I had ordered some new running clothes from the new Old Navy active line, thanks to Julie at Peanut Butter Fingers who drew my attention to the awesome sale they were having. This is what I got:


A blue sports bra


A pink tank top


A grey and pink jacket (with thumb holes!) and also some black running leggings (not pictured).

They all seem to fit great, except maybe I should have ordered the petit size in the leggings because they are really long and bunch up around my ankles since I am only about 5’ 2”. I can’t wait to get outside and try them on a run, if only it would stop raining. It has been like a flood here. On the bright side, there is a chance we will get snow tonight! I am really excited to possibly see the campus covered in white!


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