All Aboard the Struggle Bus

Have you ever heard that phrase before? Well, it basically means that I had a rough day. After getting a late start to the day by sleeping in and then wasting time on a school assignment that I don’t understand and getting nowhere, I went to brunch and then went out to run an errand. I was trying to create a fun birthday surprise for a friend, but my trip to the store for balloons, streamers, and brownie mix turned into an all-day disaster. My car wouldn’t start in the parking lot (it wasn’t the battery) and it had to be towed. The problem was, I waited hours for the tow truck to get there, so what should have been a 30 minute outing turned into an all day event. I got absolutely nothing else done today that I had planned to accomplish until I started studying at 10pm, and now I am just exhausted. Some Saturday, huh? Not to mention, everything that I had planned to celebrate my friend’s birthday just didn’t happen, including the reservations for dinner. So we had to improvise last minute. We did end up having a fun night out though! I tried sushi for the first time and it was great! I had two kinds of vegetarian rolls that I split with a vegetarian friend because I am somewhat allergic to seafood.


They had carrots, cucumber, avocado, and tempura flakes. I was surprised at how filling they were and I felt like it was a very healthy choice for dinner. After dinner the group of 14 of us went to Ben and Jerry’s and ordered the “Vermonster”- 20 scoops of ice cream with several toppings and whipped cream. I didn’t partake (holding strong on my resolution not to eat sweets!), but they had no problem finishing it off within ten minutes! Lots of pictures were taken to document the achievement of course. This picture was not actually ours, but this will give you an idea of what a Vermonster looks like.

The Vermonster (Photo by Sam)

Hopefully tomorrow will be more productive. My goal is to get enough studying and homework done in the morning so that I can go to a Super Bowl party in the evening. Which team are you cheering for? I am not really into football, so I have no favorites.


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