Rough Week

I can’t tell you guys how excited I am to start off a new week tomorrow. I have been so scatterbrained this past week and the most random unlucky things have been happening to me. My car broke down last weekend, the heater in our room was spraying steam for three days so that we couldn’t sleep in our own room, my first midterm of the semester I am pretty sure I bombed, I lost by student ID at least three times, and dropped my homework in a large puddle of spilled coffee right before it was due. It might be from lack of sleep and having absolutely no down time, but I have not felt my normal calm and collected self lately. I almost lost it today when I couldn’t find my student ID (again) and I was already late for a group project meeting. To top it all off, I have not gotten adequate exercise in the last three days, which just adds to the stress. I need a good workout daily to keep me sane!

This week is also big/little week for my sorority, so I am very excited for that! We get daily gifts delivered to our room from an older sister in the sorority, but it is a secret of who it is until Friday. I just hope that tomorrow goes well and that I can stay ahead of the game this week! Now time to catch up on reading some blogs and then sleep!


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