Happy Mardi Gras

photo (13)

Spring is definitely close! The trees around campus are already blooming and I am wearing a dress today with just a jean jacket because it is so nice out. I cannot wait for spring to be in full bloom!


photo (14)

In other news, I got my first gift from my Big yesterday and as you may be able to tell, it is a basket FULL of chocolate goodies. There are cookies, freshly baked brownies, a huge bag of candy, a box of chocolates, and zebra cakes. I’m telling you, this is my ultimate test of will power. I did have one of the brownies last night after dinner, but I just counted it as a replacement for my daily dark chocolate piece and I still remained in control. I am still trying to eliminate all sweets from my diet until spring break and I have been really good except for that one brownie yesterday. I think it is okay as long as I stay in moderation. Now, I am going to be giving away some of this food because I don’t need tempting me in my room late at night.


photo (12)



This morning I went to the gym (for the first time in a while, whoops) and pushed myself to run three miles straight. I did it in a reasonable time, finishing in 31:15. Considering I have really been lacking on exercise lately, I think this was a good run to get back into it!


I am not really celebrating Mardi Gras because I am not French and don’t live in New Orleans and for lent I will just be continuing to give up sweets (no need for Fat Tuesday), but the cafeteria is having a Mardi Gras celebration with decorations and themed food and stuff. What about you? Do you or your family do anything for Mardi Gras?


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