Missing the Bachelor

I am currently sitting outside on a patio couch, next to a gas fire, drinking my favorite french vanilla coffee with the temperature around 60 degrees. This is the most relaxed and calm moment that I have had probably all semester.




It is Friday afternoon, I just finished an Econ midterm, I already ran 2.5 miles this morning and I feel like I can take a moment to breathe. These past few weeks have been so crammed with basketball games, sorority events, parties, church, bible study, group project meetings, midterms, labs, and not to mention catching up on work in other classes or even exercise! Today I just have big/little reveal tonight and most of my friends are out of town on different retreats for the weekend, so it will be less active in the dorm. Since my first round of midterms is over, I am hoping to have more free time and take some time for myself (especially in the form of a good workout) these next couple of days. A top priority on my list is actually to clean my room because it is getting to the point where I am bothered by the clutter and disorganization.


I don’t even want to think about it, but I am so disappointed that I have not been able to see any of this season of the Bachelor. At this point I think it is a lost cause and I really can’t justify spending the time to catch up on all the episodes, but just look at Sean:



Could he be more perfect? Ha ha I know I am ridiculous. Why can’t the guys at college be more like him?


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