WIAW + Whole Foods Discovery

I will start off with some WIAWs from the past week:


Egg white omelet with chicken, olives, spinach, and cheese with side of fruit


First time I have had the banana flavored Chobani. Sooo good for an afternoon snack.


Casual breakfast between classes this morning. I brought what looks like mush to go from the cafeteria along with some fruit and bought a hot french vanilla coffee while I did some work on the computer. The mush is actually yogurt mixed with granola, raisins, and chopped walnuts. It turned out to be what I would think overnight oats are like (though, I haven’t ever made those) because the granola absorbed the yogurt and became soft.


A couple runs outside on my Nike app. Today I ran three miles in under 29 minutes (the pic on the right). I think that is my record 3-mile time so far!


I also ordered a new water bottle because my old one kept getting mold in the nozzle and it was getting gross and annoying to clean, so I splurged and went for this purple filtered water bottle. Fancy huh? I find that I drink a lot more water when I have a fun new cup or bottle, which is what I did all day today. So. Much. Water. But, it is so good for you! Yay for being hydrated!

Finally, I am going to talk about Whole Foods. I know that in the food blogging world this store/healthy food heaven is mentioned a lot, but sadly I had never actually eaten from their cafe until tonight. I have to say, I now understand the excitement over this place. I ate roasted squash, steamed carrots, Brunswick stew, and mac & cheese. We have a Whole Foods literally right off of campus, so now that I have discovered the hot food and salad bars, it is going to take some self control not to blow all of my money there. It is so sad that Whole Foods doesn’t accept college food points. Oh the struggles of living in the real world and having to use real money.


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