Spring Break Pics


Sorry for the long break from posting! I’m back and have just a few pictures to share from spring break. We stayed in a beautiful house right on the beach. The view was gorgeous, though the weather was just a tad still too cold for my taste. I never went in the ocean further than sticking my feet in (and even after that I felt like they had frostbite!), but it was warm enough that I could go for a run to the pier and back in shorts and a t-shirt. I absolutely loved running on the beach! It was exactly 2 miles out to the pier and 2 miles back, so I got a good 4 mile run or walk in every day. It made me feel very accomplished and peaceful.




We did community service at local places throughout the week. I helped at a zoo one day, which is why I have a picture of a goat. It reminded us of the Taylor Swift screaming goat video. There were actually some really cool animals there and it was a fun day!

I hope everyone had a good Easter! I am already getting summer fever with just about a month left until finals!


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