End of Freshman Year

Finals are over and graded, beach week is complete, and now I am home to work for the summer. Looking back at the purpose of this blog and where I started at the beginning of my first year of college, I have made progress. I accomplished my goal to reverse the “freshman 15” losing around 12 lbs and I managed to find healthy options at college while remaining active to manage stress. I notice a difference in the way some of my old clothes fit and I can run faster more easily. Yet, I still would like to move forward. I still have issues with overeating and eating too many sweets.

My next goal is to be at 120 lbs. by my 20th birthday in July, and part of that accomplishment will hopefully come with my new half marathon training. I really can’t believe that I will no longer be a teenager in a couple months. I feel even more pressure as I grow older to have a boyfriend, and I think it would help if I lost about 10 more pounds. Now I know that that sounds pretty bad and shallow and some may say “but its not all about looks or how skinny a girl is that gets boy’s attention!” and I get that, but at the same time I have to be realistic. Guys do notice a girl based on looks at first glance, and I would have more confidence in myself if I get to what I feel is a more healthy weight for my body type. Its not a bad thing to want to eat healthy and exercise is it!?


Half Marathon Training Plan Link

Today was Tuesday of week 1, so I went on a 3.22 mile run this afternoon. It felt good, but I am definitely out of shape. I am pretty happy with my time, averaging about 9.5 minutes a mile. I’m not really going for speed, more the endurance and distance.



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