Traveling and Disney!

I am currently sitting in the Orlando Airport. Our flight home has been delayed indefinitely due to maintenance work. 😦 So, I will take the time to update you all.

This weekend I went to Disney World for a family friend’s wedding. Despite my dislike of large crowds, I had so much fun! The last time I was at Disney World, I was 6.

We spent all day Saturday at the Magic Kingdom park and then went to the Polynesian Luau for dinner where the entertainment was hula dancing and fire dancers!

The wedding was lovely and Mickey appeared at the reception to help cut the cake!


Disney’s All Star Movie Resort


Rainforest Cafe in Downtown Disney where we ate dinner Friday night. I ordered a delicious Cobb salad and had a tropical smoothie as a treat!


Big Thunder Mountain Railroad


Alice’s Teacups



the new Belle’s castle



Mickey shaped ice cream bar- this reminded me of childhood be cause my parents used to always buy them at the grocery store, but they stopped selling them. When I saw them in the park, I just had to get one as an afternoon snack.


Polynesian Luau

It was a little difficult trying to eat healthy at Disney, but totally possible with some self control. So many places had burgers, chicken fingers, and fries. (you know, kid-friendly foods that are not so good for you). For lunch at the park, I ordered a chicken sandwich that came as just a grilled chicken breast on a bun and you could choose apple slices instead of fries as a side, which made me very happy. They had lettuce, tomato, pickles, and even sautéed mushrooms as toppings, so I loaded up my sandwich with some veggies. I tried to stick to water for drinks to stay hydrated in the oppressive Florida heat.

I also was surprised at the options in the airport for food. For a late breakfast before our flight I got some fresh fruit and a bag of pretzel chips to share with my mom. They had several healthy options like salads, oatmeal cups, and Kind granola bars just in this one store I wet to.


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