Recap of My Christmas and New Years

Happy New Year! I’m back to blogging in 2014 and wish you all a blessed year!

Here’s a recap of my holiday season:


I’ve been experimenting with a new camera, so I took a lot of pictures over Christmas eve and Christmas day.


Our “tablescape” (as Sandra Lee would call it) was colonial-inspired this year. My mom found this wooden block centerpiece  that someone had gotten in Colonial Williamsburg. I has nails sticking out that you impale apples and a pineapple on and fill in with decorative magnolia leaves or holly. I think it looks pretty, but some of the family thought it was strange.



We had a typical Christmas eve dinner with turkey, stuffing, gravy, green beans, and baked cinnamon apples.


Yum, pies for dessert!



We had a leisurely Christmas morning all waking up late, having brunch in the afternoon, and then opening presents. The brunch menu consisted of walnut coffee cake, fruit ambrosia, sausage and bacon, and cheese strata.



I got boots from Nashville, the country music capital itself!


I spent New Years eve at a Christian conference for college students in the south-east. It was a blast and I got closer to many students on my campus. I am so thankful that my parents let me take a few days from being at home to go to it. We prayed in the New Year and I am hopeful that God has great plans for 2014.